The Four Saucemen

The Four Saucemen Team Bio

The Four Saucemen BBQ Team are four good friends from the eastern suburbs of Auckland City, Adam, David, Nozzie and Brendon. New Zealand. We share a common interest in great BBQ, culminating in weekend dinners. As amateur BBQ cooks restricted to our backyards, we are always sharing our latest creations.  Our BBQ team: The Four Saucemen was born.

Sourcing good quality meat, rubs, and sauces proved to be harder than we expected. Working with local butchers paid off with new relationships formed. Adam and Sarah Winter oversaw the making of the rubs and sauces used for our very first competition.

Big Green Egg New Zealand, BBQs and More NZ, and Octopit NZ have also been invaluable in our quest to improve and compete with New Zealand's best BBQ Pit-masters.

Meatstock Auckland 2017 was the inaugural BBQ competition for New Zealand. We filled our entry out with an attitude of "what’s the worst that can happen?"  After weeks of practice, we were finally there. The ASB Showgrounds in Greenlane, Auckland was the venue for a weekend of BBQ, beer, and new friendships.

If anyone has competed in a BBQ competition, they will understand the camaraderie. Staying up all night, preparing and cooking BBQ meat ready for judging the following day. A few beers were consumed, sensibly of course, and some great music and conversations. After an exhausting 24 hours, your adrenaline subsides only to come back again in time for prize giving. When you're waiting for your team’s name to be mentioned, from tenth place to first, your self-doubt creeps in. " In second place The Four Saucemen" is called.  We are sitting in disbelief. Walking on to the stage, we collect our very first trophy, 2nd Place Pork Ribs. We did it all again in 2018.  Only this time we went one better. Meatstock Auckland 2018 we won the 1st Place in Pork Ribs, and a 4th overall. Meatstock 2020 3rd overall. Kumeu 2022 3rd Overall. If you haven’t competed before, give it a go. What is the worst that can happen?


Adam and The Team