Carbon Addiction


Our duo team consists of Scott Matthews (boss man) and Nakita Philip (the real boss), Partners in life and partners in barbeque! To be honest, barbecue is life in our household. We even bring the kids along to some of the competitions; they are 11 months old and 9 years old.

Scott who works in Marine Construction even finds ways to blend work and BBQ in any way he can, even used his construction knowledge and know how to modify and adjust our original offset after realising some its limitations.

Nakita works in her dream retail sector as a Human Resources and Training Assistant for a Boating, Fishing and Outdoors chain who …. also sell BBQs, perfect right?

We can’t even remember when BBQ wasn’t part of our lives nowadays. We always wanted to try our hand at competition BBQ but were too nervous to do so but now this is our 2nd year in competition barbeque, and we love every minute of it! We compete in two BBQ series being NZBA and against each other in SCA.

We are constantly trying to push the boundaries, trying to learn, and trying to question what we know about BBQ. We are always practicing and developing our cooking skills (our friends are so used to the “come for some BBQ we are having a practice day”).

We are proud of our determination and dedication to the BBQ scene, and we are known to be able to talk BBQ for hours on end. So, if you see us around, please feel free to say hi! 

Feed the Addiction! The Carbon Addiction!