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Burnt Beginnings BBQ


Burnt Beginnings BBQ are a competition barbecue team from Auckland, New Zealand. Formed in 2018 they emerged in their first official competition at Kumeu in January 2019 to an amazing…near  bottom result! Undeterred, they have steadily risen in the last three seasons to now be a national ranked top 10 team and regularly get calls across a range of categories, including a perfect 300 for their winning Brisket at the Battle of the BBQ’s in Tauranga in 2021.

The team has been a changing collection of faces during that time, but with the constant of Alex Lawson, team captain. The current line-up is captain Alex regular teammate Jess Lowe and guest star on occasion Stacy Carson. In the last year Nate Lawson (13) has started coming into the team and proved himself as a bit of demon steak cook, taking out the inaugural Tai Tokerau Steak SCA and winning himself a golden ticket at the same time.

The team was born out of a love of BBQ and all things Americana by Alex. Of the origins he says “I’ve always loved food, America, competing and most importantly, spending too much money – so competition BBQ seemed like the perfect pastime for someone who maybe can’t cut it on the sports field like they used to!”

Team ethic is important and whilst they’re there to have a good time – the food and the competition comes first. Alex says “Everyone does competition for different reasons. For me, it’s about testing myself against the best and always looking to improve. I spend a lot of money to do this sport and the competition side comes above the party (just!), but we still have a great time and love hanging out with our BBQ buddies – you’ll just see me heading off to bed by 10pm!”

Our goals remain to enjoy competing at all time and improve our consistency and results – we love getting a bit of metal and a walk – so getting more of that is the goal! Stop by and say hello if you’re at a comp!

If you want to catch up with them, you can find them at:

FB – www.facebook.com/burntbeginningsbbq

Instagram – www.instagram.com/burntbeginningsbbq


Or, why not jump onto your favourite podcast app and listen in with Alex and Noel “BBQ Jesus” Hassapladakis on Barbecue Base?