Smokin Comrades


Team members : Craig & Renee Leathley & Jamie Morrison 

Smok’n Comrades was formed in 2018, with us (Renee & Craig) wanting to try something different and to relax from the busy work life we had at the time, and after experiencing “Meatstock”. Our philosophy was Barbecue was all about FAMILY. We started off competing on the NZ Jack Daniel’s Circuit, and cemented the love of Barbecuing, with the BBQ range growing from 1-10 in a short period. We have learnt a lot over the years and have been awarded with several awards over the time. But, one thing stuck with us, and it was the word “FAMILY” and we wanted to share the Barbecue experience with people. So that’s when we started a Low n Slow Barbecue Company to shar the experience of barbecue an solid fuel cooking. One you have shared in this experience, you becoming of the family.


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