Cook Team Guides and Regulations

Mandatory Items team checklist

  • Hand washing, sanitiser and general cleaning equipment including storing clean water for such if not provided by event promoter.
  • Digital probe or thermometer in working order.
  • Latex or rubber gloves for food handling.
  • Easy clean/disposable cutting boards or trays.
  • Suitable apparatus (chilly bin, Cambro, fridge etc) for storing and chilling of provisions (meat/ingredients).
  • Paper towels or tea towels suitable for general cleaning.
  • Waste bin with suitable waste bags.
  • Easy clean preparation surfaces/tables etc (non porous).
  • First Aid kit.
  • 4.5L Fire extinguisher in date (ABE) OR 9kg Water Fire Extinguisher clearly visible and located within the team area (this is determined by what use of smokers are used at competitors site).


Food Safety Guidelines

This is a General Guide only. Please consult with the Event Promoter for specific ‘Rules’ applicable in the Town/City/State/Country per event as required.

  • Uncooked meats must be stored at or below 4 degrees Celsius at all times.
  • If using ice to keep meats cold, ice should be on top and fully covering the meat at all times.
  • All raw food should be wrapped, covered or placed in sealed washable containers whilst being transported and held at the event prior to cooking.
  • Vehicles and containers used for transportation of food should be kept clean and in good repair and food must be separated from other items such as cleaning materials, chemicals, animals and other non-food items.
  • Thermometers should be available and used to monitor food temperature at any/all times.
  • When handling and preparing foods, gloves should be worn or hands must be regularly washed to limit bacteria and other foreign objects entering the food/cooking process.
  • Safe holding temperatures for hot foods are above 70 degrees Celsius, noting that foods stored at between 5 and 60 degrees Celsius are far more susceptible to bacteria growth and harm to humans.
  • Note the nearest washing up area on site at a competition and regularly clean all used cooking equipment with the appropriate strength cleaning solution or sanitiser.
  • Smoking Cigarettes/Vapes inside the cooking or preparation area IS NOT PERMITTED.
  • Ensure appropriate measures are taken to keep preparation or cooking areas clean and clear of flies, insects or other pests.


The NZBA expects teams to maintain a high level of food standards, including but not limited to, hand wash stations, regularly cleaned workspaces, correct storage of food, clothing attire and footwear.


NOTE: Even though food safety on site is the sole responsibility of the Promoter, poor food safety practices may result in the NZBA Head Judge excluding the team from competing, excluding a particular meat or food from being handed in or warnings given as required and at the sole discretion of the NZBA Head Judge, in consultation with the Event Promoter. Teams are expected to “turn in” food that is safe for human consumption and will make Judges health and well being a priority.


Government Mandated Health Restrictions

All teams must abide by any Government restrictions and guidelines in relation to public health and safety. This also includes any Promotor who stipulates Terms and Conditions relating to forementioned policies. NZBA is not a political organisation and will abide by any requests issued by Government pertaining to these matters.