Mile Marker 66




Team Members:


Matt Flanagan

Heather Flanagan

Jared Day



Team Bio:


We are a Hamilton Based Competition team. We love all things barbecue but competition is our main gig.

We’ve been competing in the NZBA Championship Series since 2017 and that is our primary barbecue focus, and we’ve also dabbled in the SCA Series as well.

We have run several barbecue classes and have a YouTube channel which are both aimed at helping people who are starting out in their barbecue journeys. We love talking barbecue and passing on things we’ve learned along the way.

 If you’ve ever got a barbecue question whatever it may be about, don’t hesitate to drop us a message. And if you happen to be at a competition or event we are at, stop by and say hi!! We love the New Zealand barbecue scene. We’ve made so many good friends and memories since we’ve been involved and that is a huge part of what keeps us involved.

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