NZBA Announcement – Code of Conduct


The Australasian Barbecue Alliance was founded in 2014 with the aim of promoting low n slow and wood fired barbecue. The ABA has created and now consistently delivers multiple high-quality barbecue competition formats, whilst also promoting a positive culture of sharing the love, inclusion which is often referred to as the ‘brotherhood’ of barbecue. The NZBA is the New Zealand arm of the ABA.

A huge majority of NZBA members, supporters and competing teams uphold a high standard of interaction and do very well in supporting the brotherhood culture.

From time to time it is unfortunate to see some folks step outside the circle of supporting others and at times the NZBA has had to apply sanctions to individuals in the form of exclusion from competing in NZBA Sanctioned contests or from interacting with the NZBA Facebook Group.

Whilst the number of people excluded from some activities is small compared to the overall number of members or supporters who uphold high standards of interaction, it is important for the NZBA to stipulate its position in relation to acceptable behaviour when participating in NZBA activities.


All feedback and questions on this Code of Conduct, please contact the NZBA via

NZBA Code of Conduct

NZBA Representatives

The NZBA is supported by dozens of volunteers across New Zealand who deliver a high quality and professional standard of support to the products and services the NZBA delivers.

  • The NZBA representatives will uphold a professional, unbiased, consistent and fair delivery of adjudication, communication and support for members, teams and fellow crew members.

NZBA Teams

Teams who compete in NZBA Sanctioned contests in Australia and New Zealand enjoy a professional contest format delivered by a team of highly skilled and trained volunteer adjudicators and support crew.

  • All team members competing in an NZBA Sanctioned contest will show sportsman-like behaviour, respect, support and a professional attitude towards NZBA Crew, fellow team mates, other teams, general public and also the Promoter in any/all interactions before, during and after any NZBA Sanctioned contest.

NZBA Facebook Group Subscribers

The NZBA has approximately 37,000 people who subscribe to its Facebook Group which is a place to share tips, tricks and recipes amongst members for mutual benefit. The Group is also a platform for NZBA Supporting Partners, Promoters and the NZBA HQ to promote events, special offers or relevant industry news.

  • All participants of the Facebook Group will show respect, support and a professional attitude towards fellow members.
  • All participants of the Facebook Group will make only helpful, positive and relevant posts, comments or feedback on relevant to barbecue industry products or services, keeping in mind the Group Guidelines found in the ‘About Us’ section of the Group info section.

Adjudication of Code of Conduct Breaches

Anyone can report a Code of Conduct breach to the NZBA by email, being sure to include any all evidence to support the claim via

NZBA Crew and Team Members

Breaches will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by a panel of NZBA appointed adjudicators who will review the evidence, taking the time to garner both sides of a story before making a determination.

  • Penalties may include in minor cases, a warning, substantial misconduct cases could see a suspension from competition for a period of time or in major issue cases an exclusion from competing in any NZBA Sanctioned contest for an indefinite period of time or a lifetime ban.
  • In the event of deliberate cheating or interfering with due contest processes, bringing the NZBA into disrepute, a minimum period of 12 months exclusion would apply.

NZBA Facebook Group Subscribers

The NZBA Facebook Group has Moderators who monitor posts, comments and interactions on a daily basis. The moderators are aware of the Guidelines for the use of the Facebook Group and from time to time remove posts and comments for a range of reasons.

Mute Function

  • Most cases are dealt with by a moderator removing a post or comment. From time to time subscribers may be placed on Mute for a period of time for making racist or derogatory remarks towards people, bullying, unhelpful or negative comments.

Ban or Block

  • Deliberately inciting a negative campaign, berating other members, trash talking a product, brand or service provided by (any) company including the NZBA may result in a permanent ban from using the Group.

Other – External Platforms

In the event that a current, former or part time participant in NZBA related activities engages in behaviour designed to bring the NZBA into disrepute or to attempt to tarnish the reputation of an NZBA supporter, team, crew member, official representative in writing in or on any external platform whether private or public, will be subject to sanctions on a case by case basis.