The Cooked Chooks


Team Members:

Scott Siffleet (Scotty)& Daniel Green (Greenie)


Team Bio

Very new to the sport of BBQ but have fallen heavy hook, line and sinker to the love of the game, We are too fellas from Tukapa Rugby Club in New Plymouth, Taranaki and started our love for BBQ by cooking every Thursday night for the players after training to build a real Family atmosphere at the club, This lead to our reverse Flow getting lifted onto the top floor deck and staying there for the season. Craig from Smokn comrades then talked us into our 1st comp in New Plymouth and this was going to be a one off. By the end of 2022 we had done 5 comps and increased our Smokker collection to 6. Our best result so far was Best new team at Barbecue mania 2022.

The Start of 2023 seen the new team member being a Trailer called Smoko Room that has changed our BBQ lives. They say BBQ competing is a deep rabbit hole. I guess you can say we are now balls deep. We look forward to the next comp and the chance to keep learning and hopefully improving. What other sport can you drink while you compete and not get looked at sideways.


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